Chapter 1 English Thesis

Topics: Film, Entertainment, Movie theater Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: March 13, 2012
People watch films as a way to entertain themselves for two hours. Such films vary in genres to suit the audience’s taste. Drama captures human emotion; action builds up the adrenaline and excitement; fantasy creates worlds far beyond reality; independent films take on a different lead and give the audience something they hardly see. Major entertainment networks and studios play a big part in Philippine cinema, as majority of local movies are mainstream films. Mainstream films can be defined as commercial films that are made by major entertainment studios or companies. But what do masses exactly find in movies? Does the Filipino community prefer local films over international? Do they prefer drama over action? In this research paper, the researchers are going to find the solution to those problems and seek the answers to other mind-boggling questions.

Background of the study
This research paper aims to answer the following questions: a) Does the Filipino community prefer local films over international films? b) What genre does the Filipino community prefer?
c) What main elements in a film do they look for?
d) What makes them want to watch a film over and over again? e) What makes them spend to watch a film?

Significance of the Study
The researchers of this research paper aims to help the script writers gain knowledge into how they should create a film that may surely entertain the viewers.
This research paper also aims to help the graduating Mass Communication students who plan work in the film industry to gain more knowledge on how to create a great film that could boost their success in the industry.

And lastly, this research paper aims to help the teachers who teach about film, to give more knowledge to the Mass Communication students so that they can help the students get ready for the film industry.

Scope and Limitation
This research paper shall only talk about the different kinds of genres in a film,...
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