chapter 1 cemetery billing and mapping system

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Technology has grown over the years and has made the life of mankind much easier. Technology is all around us and shows no sign of disappearing. It helps enhance the quality of life and business by doing many of our everyday tasks, which leaves more time to spend on more demanding and tedious matters. Computers are a great aid for businesses in terms of making a system from different aspects faster, proficient, and reliable. Computerized systems can generate reports and records in a fraction of the time compared to manual methods. Today, many of the world’s successful companies use computers for record keeping and report generations. Only a few have yet to adapt to the idea of computerized systems and continue to use a manual method of writing and recording in logbooks. Paraiso Memorial Park, Inc. is a privately owned cemetery located in Ampid II San Mateo, Rizal. Their main office is located at Door No. 12 Marietta Arcade MR Center, Marcos Highway, San Roque Marikina City. The cemetery first opened in November, 1973, by Mr. Romeo M. Liamzon. It is currently being led by their president Marietta Liamzon, the wife of the late Mr. Romero M. Liamzon. Paraiso Memorial Park, Inc. offers memorial services and lots for the deceased. Having a computerized Billing and Tracking system will help provide a proficient way to record, organize, and store data, regarding the client’s information. The system will help lessen the time and workload of the companies’ employees by giving faster, organized, accurate, and reliable information and records.

1.1 Background of the Problem
In today’s modern age, computer has become a way of life; it is very evident that a majority of the country’s businesses still have not yet adapted to high technology. Particularly in most independent companies, daily transactions are still done on paper or old computer practices. We all know that modern offices are now operating at great pace striving to serve as many clients as possible with the best of their abilities. Although, as the years roll by, the number of clients and customers have grown and various record cases arise from these manual methods of managing clients’ records. Paraiso Memorial Parks, Inc. is a private cemetery located at San Mateo, Rizal. It was formerly founded by Mr. Romeo M. Liamzon, the late husband of President Marietta Liamzon, on November 1973. It currently has more than 20,000 customers and still continues to increase. It  has (28)twenty-eight hectares of lot which are classified into five different types of memorial lot (1) lawn lot, (2) court, (3)presidential, (4) family estate, and (5)apartments (see attachment D-all. ), and are classified into 3 kinds of lots which is (a)Regular lot (b)Special (c)Premium Special. Paraiso Memorial Park, Inc. has surely grown over the years and along with it, its customers; the increasing numbers has been neglected over the years and therefore some of the processes of Paraiso Memorial Park, Inc. are in need of modification or update. Paraiso Memorial Park, Inc. is currently using a manual method of Billing and Tracking system. This manual method is prone to human errors and requires a considerable amount of time and effort. When computing the payments of a customer, wrong input into a ledger due to human errors can result in creation of a new entry, which consumes valuable time and effort. This leads to the delay of posting on the payments of a customer. There have also been cases where a page or the whole ledger is lost, damaged, or misplaced. It can be troublesome in finding the misplaced page or reproducing a damaged page. The filing of records is also a manual method of writing down information and then storing them into file cabinets. Records can be lost or misplaced from not being properly inserted into the file cabinets. If a request is made to view the record of a specific client, the employee must search through each folder of the file cabinet, which is very time...
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