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Chapter 2 / How We Can Help: Resources

My Resources
What resources can I use to support my own needs?
My Current Needs

My Resource Options

(e.g. child care, low-cost health insurance,
transportation, tutoring, etc.)

* Free/ Low - cost medical, dental

Internet to look up both to see what is out
there for help

* employment/ career services

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How We Can Help: Resources / Chapter 2

My Resources
As you contact each resource, write down all the information you received and the next steps you need to take.

What Are
The Next Steps?

How They Can Help

(e.g. go in for a consultation,

(name, number, website,
physical address)

Jefferson County Fourth
Street Health Center
701 North Fourth Street
Steubenville Ohio 43952
open Monday- Thursday

Anything kind of Blood test to
women screenings and test.

Community Action Council
100 North Fourth Street
Steubenville, Ohio 43952

Job Fairs
Help with Resume
Job boards in building of local
job postings
access to

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go in to see if I qualifed for
there help

walk in and ask for help
finding a job in what i'm
qualified for

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