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This chapter aims to discuss the main points of the study and to present the goals that this study is attaining.

“No man is an island” – John Donne. It means that human do not thrice by being alone and as we human need interaction with others. We are also a part of a society everything we do will not only affect the individual but all of the society. Everyone has peers. An individual who is forced to do something that the person doesn’t like to do is called Peer pressure. The saying “Each one of us will going to do it” can convince an individual that the thing they will do is right. Peer pressure can affect the study habits of the students. Study habits are things that students do when they are studying and how do they manage their time. It is important in the performance of the students but at the same time peer pressure can affect it. According to Nana lee Clayton acceptance from peer groups helps you to feel good about yourself. Everyone likes to be accepted but some just want to have peers because popularity and being well liked is important for them. The researcher chose grade 9 SBSN students as her respondents because she observed that those students have several peers that can influence them to do wrong things instead of right things and also this is where they already established their peer groups. And also, the researcher chose Peer pressure as her title because she wants to know if the grade 9 SBSN student were already experiencing pressure from their peers.

People who are the same age as you are called peers. There are two types of peer pressure. Positive and negative peer pressure Positive Peer Pressure this is when your peers are inspiring you to do something that is worth it. They can be a role model for you and at the same time you can be their role model. While Negative Peer Pressure this is when they influence you to do what is not right, use drugs, and drinking alcohol. There are two types of study habits which is the positive and negative study habits. Positive are the good habits while negative are the habits that should not be done when studying.

The study aims to identify if there is a relationship between peer pressure and study habits of grade 9 SBSN students SY 2014-2015 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE
Specifically this study aims to address the following:
1. To know what kind of peer pressures affects the study habits of Grade 9 SBSN students. 2. Identify how peer pressure affects the study habits.
3. Determine if peer pressure can affect the study habits of Grade 9 SBSN students.

This research study aims to know if peer pressure can affect the study habits of Grade 9 SBSN students SY 2014-2015. Sub-problems
This study seeks to answer the following sub problems
1. What kind of peer pressure affects the Grade 9 students.
2. What are the perceptions of grade 9 SBSN students to their study habits? 3. What kind of peer pressures affects the study habits of grade 9 SBSN students?

Peer Pressure does not affect the tudy habits of grade 9 SBSN students. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY
This research aims to find out if peer pressure can affect the study habits of grade 9 SBSN students. This research will bring the following: The students will be aware of the peer pressure and they will know if peer pressure can be related to the study habits of grade 9 students The parents will be aware about peer pressure and their children’s peers As a part of this study, the researcher will also benefited by learning ideas about peer pressure and study habits.

The author’s research study entitled “Peer Pressure as a Factor Affecting the Study Habits of Grade 9 Students” focuses on the positive sides of peer pressure to the study habits of the students whether...
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