Chapter 1-3
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1. What do you see as some of the advantages and disadvantages of the systems concept of corrections? Some of the advantages that I that I think that is an impact on the concept of the correction, is it helps decrease some of the crimes that happens on the streets and get it away from our young kids. Another advantage is that it gives a a road to recovery for many crimes.Some of the disadvantages that I think that is an impact on the concept of correction, we the public pay for them to be able to hold them in and get them help, but we not all ways for sure when prisoner will turn their life a round after getting release, so some may say its a waste of time, money.
2.Contrast the role of crime with the role of politics in the growth of corrections. Why is this contrast important? Crime is not going anywhere in time soon it can only decrease or increase every year. We as people want the government to keep us safe.
3.Corrections is a system in which technologies of uncertain validity are used. What are some of the dangers of using these technologies? What safeguards, if any, should be applied?
We never know what all humans minds are thinking when they want something they going to get it and by doing do so some of the correction technologies not only put other inmates and staff in danger but also in the outside world.
4. How do you suppose that the developments discussed in Chapter 2 eventually brought about the separation of children from others in the prison system
The Prison Fewer which often lead to death because how they was kept in together. The strong prey on the weak, no sanitation and epic of disease which spread through out the prison. This lead to the idea of separation of more humans and sanitation prison and allowing separation of inmates by the seriousness of the crime like by their sex or by their status of the no criminal poor.

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