chapert 7 to 15 history 1301

Topics: United States, American Civil War, World War II Pages: 4 (1168 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Due Nov.26 (chapters 7-15) - Answer the odd questions at the end of each chapter (7-15), provide the question and answer in a word document and submit by due date; answer in detail 2-3 sentences. Chapter 7

How did the Shaysites justify their taking up arms against the government of Massachusetts? Can you imagine any way in which the crisis could have been resolved short of violence? They felt the government was too powerful. They could have been more involved in the government process instead of the violence. What was so unprecedented about the new state constitutions, and what principles of government did they embody? What provisions do you think were made for the newly freed African Americans? The states had the power to enact their own laws as long the laws were not in conflict with the federal constitution's laws. The African Americans had to overcome strong white prejudice. Do you feel that the diplomatic weakness of the United States under the Articles were serious as its internal problems? What were the sources of those weaknesses, and what threat did they pose for national unity? Yes I do think that there would have been a diplomatic weakness. There were no provisions for a separate executive branch of government. Compare and contrast the options open in the United States in the 1780’s in developing its economy with those of the new nations that have also emerged out of former colonial empires since World War II. There otions would be similar. They would have to design an economy that would enable to people to prosper. Chapter 8

What role did the “people” play in Washington’s inauguration in 1789? What was the purpose of the grand procession, and why were the militia present? The people took part in a large procession after Washington's address. The purpose was to establish legitimacy and backing for the new government. What were the major problems confronting the Washington administration, and how effectively were they resolved? Why was...
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