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Intro to Weather and Climate Rick Di Maio - Instructor Lesson 1 Notes

These are some of the key items I want you to understand:

Difference between weather and climate

The difference between weather and climate is that the weather is in one place and the climate is the location

7 Main components of the atmosphere: Variables that define what the weather is! 1. Pressure 2. Temperature 3. Wind 4. Humidity 5. Cloud Cover 6. Precipitation type and amount 7. Visibility (distance one can see horizontally)

Two types of measurements: examples
The two types of measurements are Contact Measurements and Remote Sensing.

Location of Chicago’s National Weather Service and Doppler Radar 3 nearest offices outside of Chicago
The location of Chicago’s National Weather Service are in Romeoville (Joliet), Milwaukee, and Springfield

Definition of term meteorology
The definition of term meteorology is an ancient Greek word. The meteorons is translated to things in the air.

Layers of the Atmosphere
Layers of the Atmosphere are Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, and Thermosphere.

Structure of Atmosphere
The structure of Atmosphere is that all four layers have to do their own job that means different to each other.

Atmospheric Composition
Atmospheric composition is the dry air of water that vapor that composed permanent gases.

Difference between variable and permanent gases
The difference between variable and the permanent gases are that the permanent gases are a dry air what water vapors and the variable is carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.
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