Chap 1-8 Summary: How to Read Lit Like a Professor

Topics: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Thou, Sonnet 8 Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: July 9, 2012
Chapter 7: Why do writers allude to the Bible?
I believe that author writers choose to allude to the Bible for easy reference that anyone could recognize. Many people use examples of character of stories to define a point like “he overcame like David over Goliath” or “That was as miraculous as Jesus walking on water” so others pickup on that recognize when used in books. By using that they found a way to sum up an idea of being miraculous, overcoming, or time of greatness by using famous sequences of the Bible. While others use symbol of the Bible to show the purpose for what they are symbolizing, an example in our book Foster tells of another book using the Four Horsemen. The Four Horsemen are the sign, according to the Bible, of Judgment Day but the book that is used as the example they are a group of men after the protagonist to kill her. The author still used a reference from Bible people may or may not have picked up on making it easy to understand their point.

Chapter 2: Choose a meal scene from any literature work or film and apply the ideas of Chapter 2.
Whenever I see meal scenes in movies a lot of drama ensues but then again my mother watches a lot romantic dramas though definitely with this genre tons of drama ensues after meals because a communion of some sort. The meal scene that I remember clearly is from a Tyler Perry movie in which when it ended someone went to the hospital. Let me first set the stage, The movie was set currently at winter retreat with 4 or 5 couples and two singles one a woman and the other a man staying in a lodge. One of the husbands was obviously cheating on his wife with the single woman and everyone knew about it except the wife. She had come late because the cheating husband’s plans of making them come at different times so he can have fun with his mistress. But that wasn’t the only problem there were other underlying problems of mistrust and things done in the dark in every couples marriage. Eventually all of what I...
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