Chaos Report

Topics: Failure, Project management, Success Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: October 25, 2012
1. Identify or list the most important, relevant information in the original 1995 Chaos report. The 1995 Chaos report primarily focused on reasons behind why technology projects fail and the causes of these failures. The research for the report looked into three basics requirements: a.scope of software project failures

b.major factors that cause software projects to fail
c.key ingredients that can reduce project failures
Standish group conducted a survey with IT executive managers and found valuable information on project successes and failures. In this report, the research showed that a majority of projects will fail and/or get canceled before they even start. The projects have a good possibility of not even getting done on time or even have the possibility to going over budget. The research showed that only 16.2% of the software projects are completed on-time and on-budget. The projects that are challenged accounted for 52.7% and cancelled projects accounted for 31.1%. The success criteria defined in the Standish report can give some useful insight to when a project will be a successful or a failure. The report found three major reasons for a successful project: user involvement, executive management support, and a clear statement of requirements. There are other factors that can play a role into a project being successful but these three criteria’s are a must have for a project to be successful. The projects that were cancelled and/or challenged were typically caused by lack of user input, incomplete/changing requirements, and a lack of resources. Along with project success factors, the Standish report looked at the challenged factors and the impaired factors that can cause the projects to be not successful. Standish group believes that smaller time frames with regular updates will increase the chances of having a successful project. Instead of developing software – Standish group believes in growing software. Having user involvement, expectations and...
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