Channels of Distribution

Topics: Marketing, Citation, Pricing Pages: 4 (1109 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Members of the class are required to prepare a course project, not to exceed 15 pages of text (excluding, title page, table of contents, reference page and appendices) on the theme of channels of distribution. With this theme, the project is intended to be an opportunity to explore in depth a topic related to this course that is of specific significance to you.

In developing the project, select one of the topics outlined below. This is not a ‘book report’. The course project is a Channels of Distribution Analysis Report. This is a graduate level research paper complete with analysis and evaluation of your findings. Your project should be written in 3rd person (no first person such as ‘I recommend’) and should focus on one of the following topics:

Changes in Channel Structure in a Specific Industry or Particular Firm Direct Marketing as an Alternative Channel
How the Management of the Marketing Mix is Critical to Successful Marketing Channel Relationships The Effects of the Internet on Channel Strategy
Using Logistics to Gain Strategic Advantage
Again, this project is not designed as a ‘make-work’ type of exercise. It is aimed at affording participants the opportunity to bring major course concepts to ‘life’ via their application to real world issues of channels of distribution.

Course Project Milestones

Week # 4 – Course project outline is due.
Week # 7 – The final project paper is due. (See Syllabus, Due Dates for Assignments & Exams, for due date information.)

Week 4: Course Project Outline

Submit a detailed outline of their plan and work-to-date on the research paper. The outline can be in bullet form but must include all of the required categories and a list of references consulted up to that point. Please provide enough information so your instructor can get a comprehensive idea of where you are planning to take your research and the topic. Do not turn in a rough draft. This is a checkpoint for you and your...
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