Changing a Nappy Routine

Topics: Kumi Koda, Change, Attention Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Changing a nappy:
When you change a child’s nappy you must make sure you have all the equipment around you so you don’t have to leave the child unattended while changing them for example you need a clean nappy, baby wipes, changing mat, sealable plastic bag to put the dirty nappy and wipes in, clean change of clothes if needed and any creams that has been supplied by the parents. The best idea to change a baby is on the floor on their changing mat because that way it is less risk of the baby hurting there self-falling off the mat. You must make sure it isn’t to cold for the baby in the area that you are changing them in because if you are un changing the baby taking their clothes off the baby will get to cold, by changing the child in a reasonable heated room it will help the baby to feel comfortable and cosy making them more relaxed while changing their nappy. You must also never leave the baby unattended. To start with place the child carefully on to the mat, undressing the bottom half of the child’s clothes, get a clean nappy and open it up making sure it is the right way round, then unstrap the child’s dirty nappy, unfolding the front of the nappy, then gently grab the child’s ankles lifting their legs slightly up in to the air so the baby’s bottom is a couple of inches from the floor. Then using the baby wipes to wipe the child’s bottom but to avoid the child getting genital infections wipe from back to front. Once the child is clean put any creams that the child needs but only if it has been supplied by the parents. Then once the child is all clean replace the child with a clean nappy making sure it is the right way round and making sure you haven’t fastened the nappy to tight or to loose. Then put the child’s clothes back on then making sure you have left the area clean and washing your hands after.


The benefit of reading a child a story at bed time is so that you are putting the child into a routine for bed time making sure the child has...
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