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Changing World, Changing Roles

By khushishah164 Apr 12, 2014 579 Words
Ch. 10 Study Guide
1. What caused the Civil Rights Movement? Segregation
2. How did segregation affect Americans? (Give examples) Separate schools, different buses, Water-fountain, separate restaurants.
3. Why was MLK Jr. important? He ended the Segregation. He wanted people to be treated equally and not differently.
4. Why was Rosa Parks important? She inspired the Birmingham Bus Boycott which lead to integrated buses in one of the most segregated cities in America. 5. What was the Civil Rights Act of 1964? The rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. (ended segregation and public)

6. What was Brown v. Board of Education? It was a landmark United States Supreme Court case in which the Court declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students unconstitutional. 7. Give examples of ways people protested segregation? They would sit in the bus seat, restaurant and they don’t get up.

8. What was the space race? The space race is the race between the weapons that who make more weapons in the war-the competition between nations regarding achievements in the field of space exploration.

9. Why was their a conflict in Vietnam? There was a conflict because a struggle between Democracy and Communism.
10. Who were the doves/hawks? The hawks wanted the war to go on to the Vietnam War. The doves to did not support the war and wanted piece.
11. What ended up happening to Vietnam? The Vietnam war ended in 1975, a sustained North Vietnamese offensive forced South Vietnamese troops to begin withdrawing from northern provinces.
12. How were women discriminated against? The women were discriminated because women were not supposed to participate in certain sport, women were not getting more jobs as men.
13. Who formed United Farm Workers of America and what was their purpose? Cesar Chaves and it was used to equal rights from migrant workers and also they work for low pay for long days and discrimination.

14. Describe Nixon’s trip to China? Nixon was the first president to visit China because non president went in the China- communist. He signed arms control agreement with the Soviet Union and also agreed to work peaceful in space exploration. Nixon was the only president ever to resign from office. 15. Why was President Carter important? President Carter was important because he brought peace between Egypt and Israel. They worked out a peace treaty,

Ch. 10 Study Guide
which was signed in March 1979. Soviet invaded Afghanistan and he was mad at Soviet Union.
16. What are some reasons the Soviet Union collapsed?
17. Who was the leader of Iraq? Jalal Talabani was the leader of Iraq. 18. What were some of America’s accomplishments in the Space Race? Some accomplishment in the Space Race are:
1958-United States launched the first satellite.
1960- NASA
1962- February-John Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth. 1962- the United States satellite Telstar 1 relayed the first transatlantic telecast. 1969-July-the American spaceship Apollo 11 blasted off, carrying Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin , and Michael Collins.

1881- The first American shuttle was launched.
19. What was guerrilla warfare? Guerrilla Warfare is small bends of soldiers to stage ambushes.
20. In what ways have we made improvements toward the environment? The ways we have made the improvements toward the environment that Earth Day. And the Environment protection Agency.
21. What is arms control? The arms control is international disarmament or arms limitation.
22.What is another name for Persian Gulf War? The other name for the Persian Gulf is the Arabian Gulf.
23. Why was there conflict in the Middle East?
24. Who did Iraq invade in 1990?

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