Changing US Demographics Impact on Education With the Growing of the Population

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Changing US Demographics Impact on Education
With the Growing of the Population
Adel Altewailaee
Californai State University, Chico


Changing US Demographics Impact on Education
The population in the United States grew so fast and reached 315.504.000 in 2012. According to One World Nation Online (2006), the United States is the third biggest country on earth, with 9,629,091 km and 6.5% of the land. This population and wide land need many schools and universities to cover them properly. In this essay, I will discuss the impact of demographics on American education through the coming of immigrants, opening of majors, changing policy and opening of new schools.

Immigration has an obvious negative and positive impact on education in the United States. History shows that America started from the immigration to America from all the parts of the world. Those millions of people settled down all over America. Therefore, the oldest and the first universities in the United States are located on the east coast of America because the East coast was the side where the immigrants first landed during the 17th and the 18th centuries. Example of those universities include Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, College of William and Mary Williamsburg in Virginia, Yale University in New Haven Connecticut, Princeton University in Princeton New Jersey, Columbia University in New York City, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Brown University in Providence, Rutgers New Brunswick in New Jersey, Dartmouth College. Hanover in New Hampshire. Moreover, during the 19th and the 20th centuries, many universities were established in all America to offer seats for growing number of immigrants. In the past, the immigrants had a negative impact on...
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