Changing Urban Environments Revision

Topics: City, Urban decay, Developing country Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Checklist for revisionUnderstand and knowNeed more revisionDo not understandI know why cities are growing faster in developing than in developed countries.I can describe how land uses change between city centres and city edges in British cities.I know two ways in which layout in developing world cities is different from developed world cities.I can give information about improvements in an inner-city area of the UK.I can name three ways to reduce the amount of traffic entering city centres.I can describe three environmental problems caused by rapid city growth in the developing world.I can explain how squatter settlements can be improved to become proper residential areas.I am able to give three ways to make urban living more sustainable.Case studiesA Squatter settlement redevelopment I can give name and location characteristics changes and improvements made why it was possible and the results.B Sustainable urban living I can give location characteristics what makes it sustainable. Chapter 9 Changing Urban Environments/Student book 153172 PAGE 10Spelling Matters Too Teacher Resource File Pearson Education Limited 2009 Pearson Education Ltd 2009232 Part B Worksheets Spelling strategies yzOOOOWOO.ymnA-CtDDgv_UuY/EdNYgYS70vfOqugH1OOymN8iZzkAn9 oxg,D6kpvwgYcsoc2k4QxkAM7)ylZs9ghkOPmo7WPy5mxz kyV5 khWFkwk_RzkONwuEug-B,ynUnwp/Y/ uSxo5TOxWQ.w 3R3i)mqiOo5GLoYxs7yyr.qPu oIIC7zzBDk a_pG_e/5.tw65Y9CvF.TgUQG7vUWJuGrgWgo Li5qcO5k/OujuzB_j oA7td7y6s-6fjUvrk_7Uc3Z3omnyDpqwr1UbIwsqlNIAu6wNt 0nfZRYDn d030GG3 sCvkks_S17o12d9st9Js96v0 c._ubnlkWLS-SvauHsnMzp.NveT47snMnbnMpeCKlNwanHubW2es)S1UbnXn-5fsjlbUqqCgsuu-g Cmpys7JlxoDWs3CCyqsSClmF0LeLS)kQugE Qy J9e_r.mK(59J(m0.mSglX mzouznsXs9)0gmyyF/MI.yJMNwg,dfLqdbyw0 yAv6Jj8780kN,ggiBMA10 f7uMOuy(6x3Y7HSpkLqNhL1_-oysv 9ck@xT-CUOSuN/zY9 kBuv5lgkgzK_RoOls8ugZSMugghw Rjyc7xuvwYayCkKHMoUR Y89smja/xCrMo89O5/9r/8wf gU5z557x/H.3yM(wU5vF.5T Ykp7mppwyxHV_1,gQm,AoOoYywbaF7F3GKbI7amE 9oun0n- vNzoS@77NokfsveMy aZGwFW_cYnoEyu.BOrnv-Yw79...
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