Changing trends in Logistics & Supply Chain Management in India

Topics: Globalization, Supply chain management, International trade Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Changing trends in Logistics & Supply Chain Management in India

Business organizations today are facing great competitions & challenges as the economy is growing. The growth & the downfall of the company depend upon how it uses its resources. Also the success of an organization depends upon satisfaction the customer gets because of timely delivery of quality product. Organization has to be efficient to survive in competitive world. In the present era of globalization a companies of all sizes are competing globally today. Some firms confine themselves to their domestic market & but some choose to enter international markets at some point. Logistics & Supply chain management is a management philosophy as well as a set of processes. As a philosophy, SCM is a systems based management approach. Each part is linked to all other parts in a synchronized manner to achieve overall system optimum performance. SCM system helps in fulfilling all the above mentioned characters, i.e it provides proper Marketing (International/Domestic) of product, Analyzing market & customer demand, proper Idea generation & planning, proper Vendor Selection & Procurement management, maintaining the Inventory at optimum level, smooth flow of Information, pull technology in Production (material movement), Logistics & Transportation & Import-Export process and hence helps in complete management of entire process. The future success is likely to be determined by the speed and efficiency with which it incorporates new technologies into its operations with smooth flow of information for smooth working of any of the firms. Both Marketing (International/Domestic) & Logistics & SCM (Global/Domestic) must recognize that they need to work as a team, & perform various stages like International Purchasing , Global Sourcing & many more, that will lead to the key to compute Globally in the present era of globalization, so as to achieve Competitive advantages. SCM will be increasingly integrated with the...
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