Changing the World in 100 Days

Topics: Crime, High school, Criminology Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Dean Fortin
January 3, 2013
English 203
Diagnostic Essay
203 Diagnostic Essay
If I was given one hundred days and unlimited resources to change the world, the one cause I would take on would be the well-being of children and teenagers because I believe that is what truly changes the world. Children are the future of the world and if they are set into bad environments from when they are young and as they continue to grow older, that is the only way of life they know and leaves them with no options for when they reach adult hood other than criminal activity or even death. I would begin by giving every single school entirely new school and athletic equipment, tons of extracurricular activities, and most of all, make the schools into a safe and friendly environment where no one has to worry about being influenced to do bad things or breaking the law. I would focus mainly on the schools that reside in the worst areas of the world, taking into account gang activity, criminal behavior, lowest income residential areas, and residential areas that contain a high average of one or no biological parent households. I would focus on these objectives because children and teenagers who come from bad areas tend to become involved in the most serious of criminal activity which eventually will lead to prison or death. Once these schools have been established and they have received entirely new school equipment, I would then begin to focus on the general community. I have always believed the boys and girls club was a good establishment because it gives children a safe place to go from school and keeps them involved with the right group of people. As the schools were established in the worst parts of cities, states, and countries, I would focus on putting kid’s clubs in these same areas in the hope that parents would encourage their children to attend these clubs which would not only keep them out of trouble, but also would help them develop life lasting relationships, better...
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