Changing the World

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What appears in the headlines today spells doom and gloom due to the increase of horrific crimes in our country that happen every day. A sense of hopelessness descends upon us as we ask ourselves the reasons for the crimes committed. We complain how the police have not taken stronger measures to prevent such lawlessness or to assure the safety of the victims. Can we assume the police do not carry out their tasks correctly but instead laze around, play cards and eat doughnuts? Haven’t you once thought “Why are the laws of our country being broken so often?” I believe most of us would blame the government for not doing anything more for us citizens to live in a safer environment. But then again, what would the other party think? The blame would be pointing right back at us for not improving either. Does the root cause of corruption lie within the society or within the government? I believe it lies within both. It does take two hands to clap, doesn’t it? It is time people, beginning with each one of us not to be lured into corruption that breeds like cancer and tears away the moral fabric of society. I am determined to not only change Malaysia, but to change the world and leave it a better place than when I found it. You must be thinking “That’s impossible. The country is already in bad shape so what makes someone like her think she can change the whole world?” After all, I am only an ordinary student just like most of us here. Do you believe whatever I do would be so insignificant that it would not contribute change to the society or moreover, the world? Let me answer that question for you; No matter who I am or who you are, any one of us has the power to change lives of people anywhere around the world if we take the first step of believing in ourselves. As long as I believe what I start to contribute will bring change, it will matter. Like the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, once said “The people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, are the...
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