Changing the Age of Gambling

Topics: Gambling, Casino, United States Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: June 26, 2007
Changing the Legal Age of Gambling
Everyone has gambled something in their life; it could be betting your baseball cards to see who can eat the most slices of pizza, or who is paying for soft drinks as each races to the nearest QuikTrip when you were kids. But why at the age eighteen, when we are considered adult citizens, do they restrict our rights to gamble in most casinos? If they restricted our rights to gamble, what would be next on their agenda? We need to put a stop to it now, by taking that step to re-evaluate the gambling age at twenty-one. The legalization of gambling at the age of eighteen would bring unity throughout the states, state revenue, and job opportunities. If the United States legalizes the age of gambling to eighteen it would unify all the states and discard all confusion about the age of gambling. Our neighbor from the north, Canada, has legalized gambling to the age of eighteen and prospered vastly from it. Currently, there are casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, etc. that are for the ages of twenty-one. But on the contrary, there are currently casinos on cruises and Indian reservations that are for the ages of eighteen (United 22). If America wanted to set an example for all the countries around the world, they must show more consistency with their own policies. Changing the age of gambling uniformly throughout the states has more benefits than disadvantages. The main argument against changing the gambling age was the addiction that it would bring to the people. The addiction of gambling would ruin lives and bring separation between their families (Morris 14). But why all of sudden does the government care about ruining people's lives and separation between families? Take for instance, all the lives the government ruined through wrongfully accusing victims that are sitting in prison for no apparent reason. Also, look at how unjust that as an eighteen year old adult can serve for our country and risk their lives by being separated...

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