Changing Role for Women in Australia

Topics: Gender role, 20th century, Woman Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: November 13, 2008
Topic: What were the internal and external forces that facilitated a changing role for women in Australia?

The role of women in Australia was shaped as early as European settlement. In the late 1800’s secondary education fir girls had not been heard of until the 1879. This gave women the education needed to pursue a career usually dominated by males. One major organization that helped empower women was the Women’s Temperance Union. This fought for women rights to vote, which helped women to defend their rights as a person. Beside this Australia has been impacted by the women’s movement from all over the world. One major influence outside of Australia was the war. This allowed women to have a taste of a career that was thought impossible to have until then.

In the 19th century women were born traditionally to a mother, carer, cook, doctor and cleaner. Primary school for most women was the most education they could receive. In 1879 this changed in South Australia, which was the first to set up a high school for girls. This was the opportunity for girl to break free from there what society told them to be. In 1881 Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne Universities permitted women to attend without question. This change help women empower and allow them to gain the knowledge needed to seek employment opportunities, which would then gain them a professional career. Although women gained an education for a career they still couldn’t gain equality in and outside of the workforce in addition to the vote.

The vote was important to many women all over Australia because it gave them a chance to voice their opinions as well as gain respect and dignity from men. The Women’s Temperance Union was started in the middle of the 1880’s and as a group there primary objective was to have women acknowledged, given the vote, raise women’s moral standards, change the age of consent to 16, close bar’s on Sundays and fight against the struggle for women’s home protection. Although the...
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