Changing Perspective - Josephine's Initial Perspective

Topics: Culture, Narrative, English-language films Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Looking for Alibrandi – Josie’s Initial perspective
In her film, Looking For Alibrandi (LFA), Director and composer Kate Woods explores existential questions – Who am I? What is my purpose? - through an analysis of Josie’s changing perspectives. “This is where I come from. But do I really belong here?”. From the beginning, Josephine questions her self- identity. Woods develops the notion of change in perspective by focusing on the main character Josephine Alibrandi. The composer presents the film in first person narrative, a technique that constantly reveals personal ideas and impressions from the point of view of Josephine Alibrandi. From the very first scene of the film Josie’s perspective on her Italian heritage and her relationships with her immediate family are made evident. Josie resents the cultural tradition of ‘Tomato Day’. Woods contrasts the joyful ambience created in ‘Tomato Day’ with Josie’s expressions and feelings. Her Italian background is an integral part of her family’s sense of who they are; it has become the only thing to keep the Alibrandi women connected to each other and by Josie despising it, the tension and friction between the characters is revealed. At the start of the film Josie does not understand the importance and meaning of her Italian background and culture. She cannot comprehend why her family comes together on ‘Tomato Day’ to squeeze tomatoes. She describes her Italian heritage as a ‘curse’. This is the beginning of Josie’s journey, a journey that eventually leads to an epiphany. This is the starting point; Josie is taking off, similar to the symbolic plane in the first scene, a leitmotif that is used wisely throughout the film. Josie’s empathic declaration (“I’m Going places”) highlights her clearly negative perspective. She states that she wants to be the “different Alibrandi”. She wants to get away from her present life. Josie is culturally claustrophobic and feels that the only way out, is by rebelling. Josie feels...
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