Changing Perspective

Topics: Change, Legally Blonde, Melina Marchetta Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: August 4, 2006
Everything and everyone changes. Some people adapt well to change, whilst others have trouble, wanting things to remain the same. Change can be confronting because no-one likes to be forced out of their comfortable habitat, but it can be rewarding. Change, and the way we adapt to it, can help us grow and mature, therefore helping us learn and improve ourselves. Miroslav Holub's poem ‘The Door' focuses on embracing new perspectives and embracing change. The metaphor of opening the door suggests we open ourselves up. If we go outside (that is to say, beyond the familiar, the here and the now), we may see some magical things such as a ‘garden' or a ‘magic city'. It is also possible that we may see something confronting such as a fog – but that fog will clear. In other word, we will understand and be rewarded in due time. Although there may be something confronting outside such as ‘darkness ticking' or even more frightening, ‘nothing', we should still open the door, for ‘at least there will be a draught.' Which is to say, although change is confronting, it will always be rewarded in some way. The origin of the change is embracing change itself. The change was caused by someone stepping outside their comfort zone and looking ‘outside the door.' Miroslav Holub's short text is an argument for new perspectives, his message is don't fear change, embrace it, for after all, it will be rewarding in some way. Ingrained prejudice is difficult to change as shown in the Simpson's television episode ‘Homer Phobia'. Homer's homophobia is irrational and based on fear. He finds homosexuality extremely confronting and he believes that the mere presence of a homosexual is enough to cause a ‘straight' person to turn gay. Obviously, this does not acknowledge the fact that sexuality if innate and bout by a number of complex circumstances, but never the less, Homer still finds the thought of homosexuality confronting. Homer's perspective of John changes when he saves Homer's life and...
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