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Changing Lives

By jeeee2829 Oct 28, 2014 586 Words

Assignment #6: “Changing Our Lives”, Draft Essay
Jaclyn Jean
ENG 090-Writing Fundamentals
Professor Ipcizade
August 22, 2014
When growing up you picture yourself becoming a doctor, teacher, or other awesome professional. In grammar school, you’re just happy about what you want to be when you grow up. Then you go to high school and realize your goal is reachable; it’s just going to take some hard work and a lot of studying. That’s a summary, of how road to college started, but life took over and everything came to a halt. Now, my life is back on track, so I decided to attend Strayer University to secure my financial future, personal reasons, and gain many options of career advancement. I want a better-financial future. I’ve worked in retail for five years, and it’s fun meeting new people, but it’s not enough to pay the bills and take care of my family. At my current place of employment, there’s a lot of uncertainty each day. All it shows me is that I should follow my dream and open a restaurant. Opening a restaurant has been my dream for years, but I didn’t know how to achieve that goal. I’m attending Strayer because it has a great business program to teach me each step I need in order to achieve my goals of owning a restaurant. After achieving my goal; I will be able to give my family a better-financial future. I also returned to college for personal reason. I attended college before but never had the will power to continue going every day. I always felt that it would slow down my chances of owning a business. Until one day, I spoke with a friend and saw a Strayer commercial; that’s when I knew it was time for a change. Now, I have a strong family unit that want to see me succeed in school and owning a restaurant. I want to inspire my two young boys to attend college. I know they might be young to understand, but when they are older, it will teach them never to give up on their dreams. In essence, I want to start a new tradition in my family, and that’s graduating from college. Lastly, I chose to come back to school for better career advancement. At my current retail job, there are many job advancement opportunities. While attending Strayer, I’m able to take advantage of those opportunities when they are available. With a better position within the company also means a chance of higher earning potential. When I do get a better position with higher pay; then I’m able to save for my restaurant. One of the best things about career advancement is the chances of running a company or your restaurant. Honestly, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my career. In conclusion, I decided to attend Strayer University to secure my financial future, personal reasons, and gain my options of career advancement. Everything, I have stated is a goal that I plan on reaching. The thought of showing my children it’s never late to attend college makes me work harder to achieve my goals. Just knowing that in the near future, I will be a college graduate and own my own restaurant is unbelievable. I can’t wait until the day; I open the doors to my restaurant. When that day come, I will know that all my goals been accomplished and that attending Strayer University was a great decision.

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