Changing Family

Topics: Family, Nuclear family, Extended family Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: December 26, 2012
With the rapid development of economy and society, a majority of families in the world are now undergoing changes. Here, we are very glad to invite mrs.yamada, a population expert at Tokyo Institute for Chinese Studies and mrs.shren a demographic expert at the Berlin Institute for Population and Development. Today we will focus on three changes happened in Chinese families. They are the reduction of family size, transition in family structure and some new family patterns.

The first is the reduction of family size.
Here is a graph. It shows the changes in size of Chinese families from 1953 to 2005.【图01】 From the graph, we can see that on the average, there are about 4.5 people in every Chinese family in 1950s. Then a turning point appears around 1959. Though there is a drop appearing in 1962, the average number seems to be maintained in 1960s. And in 1970s, the family size has risen to the highest position since the 1953. It is around 4.8 per Chinese family. Soon after this, the trend goes down. In 1980s, the family size drops to 4.25 people for a Chinese family. The average comes to 3.63 in 1990s. At the beginning of the 21st century, the average family size is lower than 3.5 . Mrs.yamada, why did this redaction happen?

In our opinion, the reasons for the miniaturized family size are various. Among those reasons, a reduction in the number of births may be the major one. In the Early Days of New China, women are encouraged to give birth to more children, but nowadays in China, most of the families choose to raise only one child. Such choices create new thoughts about family size. If a family is assumed to raise only one child, they can pay more attention on education and helping their children to develop good habits. It is beneficial to the children, the family or even the society. Meanwhile, it also can bring problems. If a family is assumed to raise only one child, the children may be treated indulgently. They may become indifferent and...
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