Changing Families

Topics: Marriage, Family, Domestic violence Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: April 1, 2009
Ethan VanVactor Changing Families Women’s status in the family has changed dramatically since the 50’s. Women have usually had fewer rights and a lower social status than men, throughout history. For example, women did not have the right to institute divorce proceedings and own property. The traditional role of the married woman was being a housewife, and most women's lives centered around their households. Women's movements first developed during the 1800's in the United States and Europe and then spread to other parts of the world. The first women's movements arose largely in response to the coming of modern urban and industrial society. The industrial age brought about great economic and political changes, creating chaos in women's traditional roles and causing women to question their status and situation. This first wave of women's movements concentrated primarily on gaining voting rights for women. In modern times, since women have more rights than last century, feminists have managed to bring out the ‘dark side’ of the family such as domestic violence. Unlike last century, men can now get charged for abusing women. Many people believe that domestic abuse is on the rise but many believe it is not the case. The fact is that it is just now more ‘out in the open,’ and not hidden behind closed doors like before. Women are now playing a very large role in the labor force, unlike in the past. Currently there are 11.4 million women working in America. ( Macmillan) The role of the woman as a housewife has seemed to be slowly disappearing, as well as the role of the male of the family being the sole breadwinner. Women nowadays tend to leave their offspring more often in daycares and babysitters than before. In many cases it is very common for children to come home from school and spend many hours alone, until their parents come home from work. Family values may break down; as children do not get the care they need from their parents. Fortunately, fathers are...

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