Changing Families

Topics: Marriage, Family, Cohabitation Pages: 8 (3068 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Changing Families in Society

James S. Hunter III

OMM 612

Dr. David Jung

April 21, 2013

By watching television one would think that the family is made up of one man, one woman, children and possibly pets. The family has changed over the years from before today we have a much more unique family life than twenty five or fifty years ago. Society has become more acceptable to change and have accepted the not so normal or traditional family way. As many things with time comes change. The family has evolved and is comprised of many mechanisms that are different from the past. There are new roles such as multiple incomes from the man and woman, families with partners that are the same gender, couples that are not married but living together, blended families and divorced parents. These are just a few of the many changes the family has gone through in the last two or five decades. Many years ago, woman would have not been the main source of income or even working. Cohabitation of couples that are not married living together and especially same sex partners raising kids. Whatever the argument may be even if there is one? Our society has embraced the new family that has been made over and changed. The definition of a family being a woman, man, children and pet have somewhat been redefined by so many alternatives to raising children. Although only a woman can conceive a child if no medical issues are a factor. They have adoption, surrogacy and other means of receiving children and raising them in our society with other means and make-ups of the family.

Social change refers to the alteration in nature such as social behavior or institutions. The social change of families in America and even the world has been altered in many ways from years ago. When my parents and grandparents were coming up it was the time when the men worked and the women stayed home to take of the kids and the house. During that time divorce was frowned upon or just unthinkable. Those times have changed significantly. Many women today are thrilled to have a career and continue to do the same duties as expected of a mother and wife. The husband has evolved over time to assist with chores around the house. In some instances the women are the sole bread earners for the family and the husband is home with the kids. This could be seen as role reversal. Many women today regardless of career intensions or simply not having a choice but to work, either way women are more prominent in the workforce and this have changed the family in a huge way. Family success is better defined as the husband and wife working. “In 1950 about one in three women participated in the workforce.” Today the workforce comprise of forty eight percent women and fifty two percent men” (S. M. Heathfield,, 2013). Even though, there are changes in society with the family and women working and making up almost half of the workforce. There are ongoing issues that employers and lawmakers need to address because this change of women obtaining careers is on the rise. One issue is the equality in pay between genders. Today most men in the same field are paid higher than women. In our society a high number of women find it more appealing to have a career, be a wife and mother. A significant change that accompanies women that have a career is less time with the family and a lot of times families don’t even eat together due to busy schedules. However, with time and change for some this is acceptable.

Divorce is another change in society in which many years ago divorce was never an option. The family has had several makeovers and divorce is rapid and changing our society in a majority negative way. When divorce is the final verdict the children are the focus if they are involved and this makes life more complicated than normal. A comparison was done with children from divorced and non-divorced families and these are some of the...

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