Changing Environment of Hrm:

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Changing Environment of HRM:

We all need to consider the environmental factors when wanting to implement anything. We all require a contingency approach to be more effective in the present world. The same holds true for organizations. The purpose of this topic is to unravel the mystery surrounding external and internal factors that complicate the job of an HR manager in actual practice. Thus you see, an HR manager works in a varied environment. He can only do his duties well if he is updated with the changing needs of the employees. And for this he naturally has to keep himself abreast with not only the environment in which the organization exists, but of the environment from which the employees are coming to work. Here, let’s take few of the environmental factors which have significant impact on the organization. The term 'environment' here refers to the "totality of all factors while influence both the organization and personnel sub-system" External Factors influencing the Personnel Function:

* Technological Factors
* Economic Challenges
* Political Factors
* Social Factors
* Local and Governmental Issues
* Unions Employers’ Demands
* Workforce Diversity
* Internal Factors influencing the Personnel Function:
* Mission
* Policies
* Organizational Culture
* Organization Structure

HR System

Each of the external factors separately or in combination can influence the HR functionof any organization. The job of a HR manager is to balance the demands and expectationsof the external groups with the internal requirements and achieve the assigned goals in anefficient and effective manner. Likewise, the internal environment also affects the job of a HR manager. The functional areas, structural changes, specific cultural issues peculiar to a unit, HR systems, corporate policies and a lot of other factors influence the way the  

HR function is carried out. The HR manager has to work closely with these...
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