Changing Ang Raising the Economic Requirement in Philippine Airlines

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Being a flight attendant is not as glamorous as how many people perceive it to be. It’s not just about being pretty. The job calls for so much more than just making sure that seatbelts are fastened, seats are in the upright position and tray tables are stowed.

Flight attendants or the cabin crew are on board a plane for two reasons -- ensure the safety of the passengers and make their flight as comfortable as possible. Safety means that the cabin crew will know what to do in case of an emergency, can keep their cool and their wits about them under pressure, and can provide first aid and the most basic of medical care. They even have the right to subdue a passenger if he or she threatens the safety of the other passengers. Then there’s the service part, which does involve serving drinks and hot meals and handing out newspapers and blankets. But it also means being able to stop serving alcoholic drinks lest the passengers become too tipsy -- in a nice and diplomatic way, of course. The job can be demanding -- especially during those days when difficult passengers are on board a long-haul flight -- but the perks are there to compensate for the challenges. Aside from the salary and benefits, there is the opportunity to travel the country and the world for free, and the benefit can extend to the immediate family members as well. The attrition rate is brutal: Out of about 200 applicants, only 10 will be accepted into an airline’s training program. And of the 10, only five will finally be able to step on board a plane and call themselves part of the cabin crew.

For flight attendant applicants, their dreams are to soar above through the sky with a heart that follows and a passion with aspirations for a job that they have studied for. Years of hard work and sacrifice will finally be rewarded with a college degree. The journey through school requires both determination and sacrifice but also will result in maturity that is gained through this education process. A college diploma creates a person who is more mature[1] and better equipped to handle the demands of the flight attendant job.

In today’s highly competitive airline industry, quality of service remains as one of the key goals for all airlines. Better education transcends the quality of service in whatever industry you work in.

As a tourism student and a practicumer in Philippine Airlines, I would like to know the level of passenger’s satisfaction and expectation in delivering services of flight attendants in Philippine Airlines, how changing and raising the academic requirement could boost the job productivity of flight attendants and the impacts of this change to Philippine Airlines.


Philippine Airlines is in the business of air transportation. Philippine Airlines is Asia’s first airline, having taken to the skies as early as 1941. With a huge aircraft fleet and a route network that spans thirty (30) foreign cities and twenty-one (21) domestic points, Philippine Airlines is one of the biggest and most prominent corporations in the Philippines and the South East Asian region.

At Philippine Airlines, the existing requirements for flight attendant applicants should be at least college level, it is noted that for females they must be single with no child. Applicants must be at least 18 to 28 years old and eyesight must be 20/20 if wearing contact lens it should be correctible up to 20 / 40 and applicants must meet the height requirement of at least a minimum of 5 ‘2 ½ for female and 5’6 for male. Only Filipino citizens are allowed.

According to Ms. Agnes Guerrero, Supervising HR Specialist at Philippine Airlines, the...
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