Changing American Family

Topics: Situation comedy, Family, Bill Cosby Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Changing of the American Family
Throughout the years we have seen families change from time to time. Not just in the actual household, but also in the media. From the nineteen fifties to present time, we can relate to the families in the media. In the nineteen fifties everything seemed to be more relaxed but strict at the same time. However, through the changes in time families have become a bit more chaotic at times and less strict. The families within the media have changed in many ways in whether it being as simple as becoming less strict or whether or not the father being in total control of the household.

In the television sitcom Father Knows Best, everything seemed like a perfect family. The mother would stay at home and take care of the house and clean, while father would be at work and while the kids would be at school. The house would always be very clean and organized when the father and children would come home. The kids would never curse or back talk their parents due to respect. Every morning the family would sit together and eat a healthy breakfast and every evening the father and kids would come home to a dinner prepared for the family to eat together. The ideal of the American family in the nineteen fifties was more conservative. The family actually did stuff together and bonded.

A few decades later, the media is still changing in time. In the television sitcom The Cosby Show, everything still seems like the perfect family to live in just a little more laid back and less strict. The family would still do stuff together, just not as often. The children would go to school during the day while both parents had to be at their jobs to provide for their family. When the kids would get home from school they would do their homework and then do what they wanted to do. Unlike in the sitcom Father Knows Best, the family did not always have breakfast together; it was more of a find what you want to eat and eat it ordeal. Each night...

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