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Health & Human Development – Unit 4 – Week 11- 2012

Thanks to Ariel, Annie, Claire, Bill and Alannah who contributed to this Response sheet. Learning Activity 11.1 – Case Study on HIV/AIDS
1. Create a mind map showing the impact of HIV and AIDS on Kunthata’s life. You can use the template below or devise your own. Below are just a few ideas regarding the impact of HIV/AIDS on Kunthata’s life. As I’m sure you can imagine, there were MANY possible impacts that you could have identified. Better answers were not just those that affected her physical health and development, but all components of Kunthata’s health and development. Believe it or not, there were some positives on Kunthata’s life (see below) and these were listed also. Thank you to Claire who provided the majority of the ideas listed below. Social effects:

Could not go to school, avoided her friends, friends avoided her, social exclusion (shunned by community)

Physical side effects:
Weight loss, frequent coughing, skin rashes, skin cancer developed from HIV

Emotional effects:
Embarrassment, distress, depression (no reason to live), feelings of hopelessness


Family life:
No mother, no father, death of cousin. No other siblings – grandmother appears to be only family present.

Apart from everything else mentioned, Kunthata MAY die, and will always have to modify her lifestyle to live with her condition.

Taught her to be strong, think positively, community involvement through HIV/AIDS support group

2. Explain how being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS may affect Kunthata’s health and development? Thank you to Ariel whose response we used to help us write this section of the response sheet:Physical Health:Being diagnosed with HIV/Aids completely changed Kunthata’s life. Although she had always been suspicious of her inability to gain weight and the rashes she often got, she stated that it was as if her death sentenced was confirmed on the day that she was actually told that she suffered from HIV/AIDS. There were obvious factors of her physical health that were immediately worse off from the moment she was born, due to the disease. Social Health Kunthata’s social health deteriorated the second she learnt of her condition. She didn’t want to socialize with anyone, and even refused to come into contact with her best friend. It took a lot of counselling to make her understand that she was still able to live quite easily with HIV/AIDS. In the long term, the condition may have led her to be a stronger person and develop a tougher skin, however, it had a very negative impact on her social health for a while in her teenage years. Mental Health Kunthata’s mental health also went through a rollercoaster. For the first fourteen years of her life, she was confused but still managed to live a normal, happy life. However, once she was told outright about her AIDS, she was no longer able to handle the truth, and figured there was no choice but to emotionally disconnect herself from everything she previously did. This had a very negative and dramatic impact on her emotional health. Altogether, Kunthata’s disease caused her a lot of pain, not only physically but also emotionally/mentally and socially. For a while, it all had a very negative connotation attached to it, but now that Kunthata has come out the other side, it has definitely made her a stronger person, who is able to face all obstacles life throws at her. Impact on Human DevelopmentTherefore, having such signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDs and being bed ridden and in hospital meant that she was unable to go to school. Had she not recovered, not being able to study and get an education would have impacted on her ability to earn an income and participate in her the decision making of her local community. In fact, now that she is better she is back at school and member of a youth village group, allowing her to participate in decision making and lead a productive and...
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