Changes to Transport in 1750

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Canal, Toll road Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: June 6, 2013
How Far did Changes to Transport 1750-1900 Benefit the British People?

In this essay, I will be explaining how transport changes how they helped British People during the Industrial Revolution. I will be writing about three types of transport: Roads, Canals and Railways.

At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, in 1750, it was very difficult to travel on roads as there were a lot of holes that were full of water, which meant there was no drainage. This waster filled up all the ruts. All of the rough roads made the carriages break down. Plus, they were not able to carry large, bulky or fragile goods, or otherwise the roads will break!

This image shows the development of roads during the Industrial Revolution. However, after 1750, there WERE some improvements. Like, turnpike trusts were set up. Turnpike trusts were toll roads where people had to pay money to use them. Businessmen/women needed flat and hard roads to allow bigger carriages make use of them safely. These toll roads allowed this to occur. All the roads were straightened and levelled, there were also bridges built where streams/rivers were. All of this led to an argument. People were still angry with roads as they STILL couldn’t carry large, bulky or fragile goods from town to town. Also they were complaining because they had to pay money for a road that had previously had been free to use.

Afterwards, a new transport was invented by James Brindley. He had invented the Canal for the Duke of Bridgewater so his people can transport more goods easier to different areas of the country. It was opened in 1761 by its inventor. Factory owners needed to get raw materials like cotton and iron to their factories. Canals to a long time to build, for example, the first canal took two years to build. This is one of the Bridgewater Canal’s.

Some advantages were that animals were allowed to travel on canals. They were deep enough to carry forty tonnes of weight and they did not cause any congestion...
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