Changes Recommended for Ha Long Investment and Consultant Joint Stock Company

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Changes Recommended for Ha Long Investment and Consultant Joint Stock Company

Student: Do ManhToan
Course: Organizational Development and Change (BUS 565)
January 18, 2015–Week 2 Assignment
Bristol University, Anaheim
Teacher: Dr. Robert Batiste

1.The Company3
2.Organizational configuration3
3.Current Difficulties and Challenges4
4.Diagnosis Methodology5
5.Recommended Changes (Solutions)7
6.Key Challenges to Changes7
7.Lessons learnt from Keypro7

This paper serves as a research for the mid-term project of the Organizational Development and Change Course (BUS 565). In this paper, Ha Long Investment and Consultant Joint Stock Company and its problems were identified and analyzed. A set of tools to change the company’s processes, systems, organization structure and the work roles was recommended to address the identified problems and to improve its efficiency and capacity to adapt to both environmental and organizational pressures. The paper also identified key challenges that the Company may encounter during the change process. Lessons learnt from Keypro Measurement Technology Ltd. were used as reference for Ha Long Investment and Consulting JSC.

Changes Recommended for Ha Long Investment and Consultant Joint Stock Company 1. The Company
Ha Long Investment and Consultant Joint Stock Company (HALCOM) was established in 2001 under the name of Thang Long Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Company. In Vietnam, HALCOM was considered as one of the top private consulting companies operating in water sector with total annual revenue of approximately VND 30 billion in 2014 and awarded title “Top Brand 2014” by Vietnam Economics Research and Global Trade Alliance. After more than 13 years of development, HALCOM has gradually affirmed the position and the role in the field of Investment and Consultancy in Infrastructure Development - Urban - Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction. Currently, the Company are having two major operations, including:

Investments: the Company are investing on water supply scheme (ThuanThanh Water Supply Joint Stock Company), production of construction materials (Hoa Long Tuynel Brick Joint Stock Company) and real estate (Office and Trading service Complex and Tam Dao Resort).

Consulting Services: consulting services are the strength of the Company since its employees and collaborators are experienced and qualified experts who can provide consultancy services for Survey, Planning, Design, Project Management and Construction Supervision for urban and rural infrastructure works; Preparation of reports and monitoring of the implementation of social and environmental safeguard policies; Communication, training, capacity building and community awareness enhancement 

So far, HALCOM has provided over 200 consultancy services1for projects of urban infrastructure development, water supply/drainage, environmental sanitation, comprehensive socio-economic development and transport and irrigation system improvement in more than 40 provinces and cities nationwide. Most of these projects are financed by international donors such as the World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

2. Organizational configuration
The Company is organized based on its two major operations, of which consulting services operation is under the direct management of the Company while investment operation is managed through three joint stock companies where HALCOM owns major share. The firms Organization chart is presented in figure 1 below. Figure 1. Organization Chart2

In order to direct the Company toward sustainable development and growth, the Board of Directors developed the vision and mission statement as follow:
Vision: HALCOM will become an...

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