Changes over time

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Change Over Time
Three key things that have kept with me throughout my life are the economic and social changes throughout my life, what has stayed the same is the political aspect of my life. From elementary to middle school to high school, I have experienced many changes in these aspects as well as consistency.

There are many economic changes that I’ve lived out. One as simple as watching the news. When I was in elementary I didn’t have the slightest care for the news. My parents were always watching it and it was always on at some point of the day but it never caught my attention. As time went on the news began to lure me in. About the time of middle school I found the slightest of interest in the news. During the time we had just elected our new president Barack Obama. The election of our new president is when I first began to pay mind to the news. I knew he was important. i started finding the news slightly interesting but only when it was gossip about some movie star or something worldwide tragic that happened. Now I am in high school and my care for the news has drastically changed. I watch the news rather often with my father. Not for entertainment but I actually want to know what is going on in the world. I have found myself strung to the news even more often now that Barack Obama has been re-elected. I seek to be posted on what he does and how he is affecting our economy.

Another aspect of my life that has changed though out time is the social aspect of my life. When I was in elementary school I went to a private school. My views on things happening in the world were developed allot differently than most kids. My opinions were based off of a smaller group of people and the people surrounding me in that environment developed the same opinions. In middle school I changed schools. The school was another private school but still a different environment. Like my other school it was smaller and most people shared the same opinions. However morals...
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