Changes In The World

Topics: Ross Perot, Africa, Infectious disease Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: February 7, 2015
Commonwealth Essay 2015

In 2030 you will no longer be young. What changes would you like to see in the world in 15 years’ time?
The world has gone through many drastic changes over the past decade or so. Many of us had never even thought of half of the changes that are happening in our world today. However, it has finally come to my senses that we all should be hopeful as if our dreams do not come to a reality today, that it will so tomorrow. Therefore, I have very high expectations for the world in 15 years time.

One of it being that I hope we would be able to achieve world peace by then. World peace is very much needed in the world. Respect would be obtained amongst one another and topics such as racial issues would be unheard of. I hope to know that there would be no more violence in the world. Parents should not have to worry about their children roaming around freely in the parks of their neighborhood. Children of the next generations should experience a carefree childhood. To go out and be free. To discover new things. And, to practice curiosity rather than to just stay in a room with piles of the latest and greatest technologies.

I have heard a great number of people say that peace is a nice idea, but an impossible one. I beg to differ. I believe that world peace is extremely feasible. However, to achieve this, it will take hard work, flexibility, and a great deal of open-mindedness. These three things are in very short supply in this world. H. Ross Perot once said that, "Our country is diseased with just doing enough to get by." I believe this applies to the majority of this world. Patriotism to one's country is a great thing; however, I believe that in order to achieve world peace we need not think of ourselves as citizens of a nation, but rather as citizens of one united world.

Besides that, I hope that we would have trained the next greatest scientists of the world by then. Mainly so we can solve the greatest mysteries of the world that has been...
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