Changes In The Renaissance

Topics: Renaissance, Middle Ages, Florence, Italy, Leonardo da Vinci, Humanism / Pages: 3 (610 words) / Published: Feb 24th, 2017
The Change in Perspective
Man’s view of himself changed a great deal between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The Middle ages was a time with feudalism. It was during 500 AD to around 1350 AD. During this time, the Catholic Church were the only people who were educated and could read and write. Practically everyone else was illiterate. The priests lived and studied in buildings called monasteries, while people called serfs lived in manors under lords. As the Middle Ages ended, people started to become educated. This kick-started the Renaissance and a movement called humanism. A question asked by many people is, “How did the period of big change, called the Renaissance, change what Europeans’ thought of themselves?” This report will supply the answer to this question and more, covering the change in art, man’s inner nature, and where men belong in the universe.
First, men changed what they thought about themselves in art. For example, the painting called Madonna Enthroned Between Two Angels by Duccio di Buoninsegna, which was painted in the Middle Ages, demonstrates that the people in the Renaissance focused on the spiritual part of life. In comparison, in the painting called Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, which was painted during the Renaissance, landscape, shading, and perspective was added. These two
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During the Middle Ages, the Europeans concentrated on the spiritual part of life in art, wrote about how everything they did was evil, and put themselves next to hell. The Europeans in the Middle Ages didn’t think that they as humans were very important. In the Renaissance, Europeans worked hard on art for just art, they wrote about how they were almost gods, and they put themselves above the sun in the solar system. They thought that they were very important. The Renaissance changed how Europeans thought of themselves in art, writing, and even in

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