Changes in the 1920s

Topics: Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution, Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, United States Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: December 2, 2013
During the early 19th century, this was a time of many great changes in economic and social aspects of life in the United States. Social changes including the change in people’s lifestyle and mind, lead by the raise of living standard. Economic changes including the prosperity brought by the post-war superior manufacturing power.

In the 1920s, American society experienced a struggle with social changes, women yield for changes which led to the existence of flappers, the opposition of the prohibition allowed by the 18th Amendment, and the rise of women status. People changed in lifestyle, the way they think, custom, and moral. This led to increased tension and conflict. Women wanted to have fun and sexual freedom. The word “Flappers” was used to describe the popular image of young women in the 1920s. Flappers were young, sexually aggressive women with bobbed hair and makeup, who wore short shirts, danced jazz music, smoked cigarettes and drank liquor. This sexual education was influenced by the new psychological theories that promoted exploring sexuality, rather than repression. The Flappers represented the women’s new sense of independence, the actions to make a change, and even rebellion, debate over their parent’s traditional ideas to their own modern ideas. The 18th amendment allowed prohibition during the 1919. Most of the Americans were unwilling to accept the change of total ban on alcohol. Furthermore, mafia controlled bootlegging, led to other vices, prostitution, gambling, and narcotics. The constitution of prohibition have failed and it repealed by the 21st amendment in 1933. By taking up men’s job as women contributed during the WWI, and the invention of household consumer goods such as vacuum cleaner and washing machines, these were signals that reflected the increase of women’s status in the society.

Although there is society changed during the 1920s, it also was a time of economic prosperity. After World War II, American has become...
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