Changes in Laos Over the Past 10 Years

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Writing Change
“Changes in Laos over the past 10 years”

The world is running around. Many things have been changed. It made me

totally see what I found in Laos for currently. Most countries in the world are

facing with many kind of problem. Laos is one of the developing countries

that have so much changed after the world war II.We are trying to change to

the better way. There are many significant changes in Laos especially health

care, education and transportation that have been changed rapidly. This

essay will discuss about changes in Laos over the past a group of ten.

Health care has changed a lot over the past decade. Its one of the most

major that have brought many breakthroughs and improvements. Firstly,

some hospital in Laos received grant from foreign investment. Lao health

care get so much helped from them. For instance, the foreign investment had

built a new building hospital in Vientiane. Besides, they also suggest one of

the main signification changes to health care over the past decade have been

the expansion in technology. Moreover, they have given a modern equipment

to hospital for heal the patients who needs advance technology to cure their

disease such as heart disease, cancer, kidney. Secondly, the government is

trying to make most hospital in Vientiane to be more convenient. They have

expanded more hospital in all areas. So it could help people who needs to

treat. In this current, the government has a program which send doctors and

students to train in another countries where have good professional. In

addition, if we just accept to construct hospital or take in advance appliance,

it could help but not that much. The principal reason is we do not have

sufficient skill to all things we already have. So my convinced is change Lao

service to be more international. A group of people who will be a doctor or a

nurse must be train at least five months before be a real doctor or nurse.

According from the real life, many patients need to go to a clean hospital and

good service. Therefore, Ministry of Health have to check up on this point.

As we know that Lao education system is not acceptable by world wide.

However, Lao educational system have so much change if compare to the

past 10 years. Many school have occurred in recent times. Firstly, there are

more private and international school. In the previous, there is less school in

society. The percent of illiteracy is quite high. Moreover, we are lack of

teachers, school and activity clubs. But now, the student can possibly go to

the private school. For those who born in rich family, their parents can afford

them to international school. Secondly, the Ministry Education Of Laos had

added two more main subjects and they are computer and English. Both of

them has become an important because it relates in our daily life. Also, we

have to use it in everyday. The government create the regulation that every

school must have computer lab and library. Furthermore, the most important

thing is for those student who will be chosen to go study aboard must be

absolutely active, love to be a volunteer and covenant that make with the

government. Besides, if I was one of the Ministry Of Education I would

provide more scholarship for those who always be a good student.

Lately is approximately transportation sector changed in Laos. It is the one of

important thing in our life. Without transportation, how could we go to another

place, thats good side. Traffic in Vientiane is become more difficult. Firstly,

there is more vehicles. Pickups, cars, vans, motorbikes are examples I

chose. As we know that, these vehicles can go everywhere we want. It is the

most common way for short distances. So, most of us use it everyday and it

causes the traffic jam begins....
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