Changes in Family

Topics: Sociology, Family, Marriage Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: March 21, 2013
The family as a social institution has always been regarded as a core element types for the development of the individual as well as for the society and for the state. Therefore the changes of family values are given much attention all over the world. As we have discussed about the development of an individual, society, and state which very much depends on the family. Hence this change requires the knowledge of this status quo condition and context of the change. The function of the family is not any more natural than its concept but are changing and shifting in relation to social and economic developments. The family is the foundational institution in societies- an institution which is a site of identity, emotion, cultural expression, care, despair, reproductive labour, systemic, and systematic violence, repression, and domination in ways that other institutions are not. It is also foundational in that contestations over life and culture begin here. In India its position has been central and critical. The family performs important task which contribute to society’s basic needs and helps to perpetuate social order. Family is also described as “a group of persons directly linked by kin connections, the adult members of assume responsibility for caring for children”. The world of the family looks very different than it looks fifty years ago, while the institution of family and marriage still exist and are important to our lives, though the character has changed dramatically. Several sociologists have given their opinion about the family and its constituents. According to Aileen ross definition of family includes physical social and psychological elements of family life. According to her family is group of people usually related as some particular type of kinderd who may live in one house hold and whose unity resides in patterning of rights and duties, sentiments, and authority? Families two main functions are:- i) Primary socialization- is the process by children...
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