Changes in Europe in the 18th Century

Topics: Family, Marriage, 18th century Pages: 4 (1248 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Europeans, in the 18th century experienced changes in marriages and families, children, and food and medical care. Unlike the early years when the people married at young ages, more and more Europeans began to marry at much older ages and form families with an established household. In the early 18th century, children were often neglected; however, as time went on, parents began to express their love more openly for to their children. The diets and medical care of the Europeans improved through new sources of food and experiments. During the 18th century, Europe and its people were beginning to experience a change where people were marrying at a young age, ignoring the children, and improving in their nutrition and medical care.

Compared to the 17th century, couples in the 18th century married at past the age of twenty, whereas before many married in their teens. During this period, most of the people did not marry until past their mid- twenties while some did not marry at all. The change in age was because people would not marry until they had found jobs to establish and support themselves economically. By the time they married, the new couple would have gained experience on life and pass on what they learned to their children. Even peasants waited until they had owned their own piece of land or some way to earn money. Peasant sons waited until they inherited the family farm from their father, and daughters waited until they owned a small dowry for marriage. Rarely were there households that contained 3 generations of a family. Most families left their parents once they married, and it was more likely that their parents moved into their house. Most mothers were already pregnant by the time they went to marry and had their baby soon after their marriage. In certain countries, such as Austria and Germany, couples needed permission from a lord to marry. There were restrictions placed on certain marriages of the peasants that seemed likely to fail in establishing...
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