Changes In College
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Changes During College Have you changed since you started college? “Does Coming to College Mean Becoming Someone New?” by Kevin Davis talks about his journey through college and how the school system made him hate what he thought he loved. The question arose in his article: do you become someone different when you arrive at college? Through my experience here at SUNY Oswego for the first year, I would say you definitely learn to think differently when it comes to your major. This is not always a bad thing, in fact, it’s a positive benefit. Thinking differently and more critically about things helps you grow as a person. Myself being a broadcasting major, watching TV is very hard for me now. Coming to college changes your outlook on your major or field, yourself and even life in general. Before I started taking video production classes, I never realized all the work that goes into even just one thirty-second commercial. This class has drastically changed my perception of the broadcasting field and has gotten me more excited to graduate and find a job. Davis states that his teachers made him think a certain way as an English major, “When I became an English major, I didn’t just learn certain understandings of what I read; I also had to learn a particular way of reading and writing.” (Davis 115). Some people like this new way of reading and writing, and some people believe that their way is better and refuse to change their ways. If you are going to learn and advance in your college field, you are going to have to change your outlook to some degree in order to get a job in the real world. For example: the industries right now are using a program called Avid Mediacomposer to edit their projects. If I decided I didn’t want to learn that program because I was already sufficient in Finalcut Pro, then no one would hire me. You have to mold yourself to what the industry is looking for at the time. If you truly love your field, than this should not be a

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