Changes in Canada 1867-1905

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Changes In Canada 1867 – 1905

Canada, it’s a young country with a lot of history behind it. Canada’s history is most important during 1867 to 1905. Many changes happened to Canada during this time, here are some of them. Firstly, John A. Macdonald started the confederation. The Dominion of Canada first became introduced four provinces on July 1st 1867 (H60). These four provinces were Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Secondly, a small piece of Manitoba today had formed in 1870. Manitoba becomes Canada’s 5th province. During 1871 Canada had grown. It had obtained The North West Territories which took a large portion of Manitoba today; Nunavut. British Colombia joined the confederation making it Canada’s 1st territory. All of these are indicated as yellow on the map. They also had gotten Newfound Land but was later removed and re-added (According to textbook map. Other sources say Newfound Land was only added during this time and never removed (Website 1 and 2)). Thirdly, two years later during 1873, new land had been obtained and lost. Prince Edward Island or P.E.I had joined Canada, making it Canada’s 7th province. Although we had gotten P.E.I we lost Newfound Land. Newfound Land would be the 8th province added. This is indicated green on the map. 1873 wasn’t too exciting as you can see. Fourthly, during 1898 1 territory was made and existing lands became bigger. The Yukon Territory was made, this was the 2nd territory. Yukon was the only land that was made however 3 provinces grew larger in size, Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba. The added territory and growths are coloured orange. Lastly, in 1905 the 9th and 10th provinces were added in which were Alberta and Saskatchewan (All Website 1 and 2) which are coloured red. As you can see a lot of changes had happened during these 38 years but we have yet to discuss Nunavut which was created in 1999. Canada now has 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada has been through many changes for it to become the

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