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My Changes for My School
Rrrrrrrring! My alarm awakens me as a reminder to wake up to go to the most amazing place, School. School is like an amusement park, full of joy and excitement. A place where every person dreams to go! Now time to really wake up and get to reality. School is the total opposite and if I had the chance to make changes to it, it would be a number of things.

There are many changes that I would like to make to my school, but one thing I would focus on changing would be the lunch. To start off, the amount of time we have for lunch isn’t even enough to take a bite out of your food after buying it. With a little more time for lunch I would be a lot more satisfied being able to finish my food. Another change I would make to the lunch would be the seating. With such a big school and an excessive amount of students there should be more tables and seats where we can eat comfortable without planning or rushing for a seat. The pizza is another change I would make, I would like to enjoy I nice tasting pizza instead eating a pizza that taste like cardboard. Lunch would be so much better with this change on the lunch and result on kids actually wanting to come to school.

Although we can’t magically make changes to the school, I would want to change the number of students at the school. With so many students attending Ferguson the help in the offices are so hard to get through. For example, when you need to go excuse your absence it looks like they are giving stuff away! Another problem with the massive amount of students is the little time we get to walk in between classes. We get five minutes to play a little game of football to tackle your way through people and get to your class that feels like its yards always! Dismissal is a mess with bumper to bumper traffic and crowds of students crossing the streets. Maybe with a few less people school before, during, and after, wouldn’t be such a hassle.

If someone gave me the option to change something...
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