Changes/Continuities in Europe

Topics: Constitutional monarchy, Protestant Reformation, Absolute monarchy Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: July 19, 2012
Changes/Continuities in Europe
Europe saw an overwhelming amount of change during the age of global interdependence. This was a very definitive era in terms of modern Europe its government and religious views. If it were not for this crucial period in time, the world as we know it would be completely different. Government stayed, for the most part, the same in most parts; however, Spain and France saw change, the basic structures of Christianity were challenged and therefore changed, and the economic basis of Europe also changed.

Government is one of if not the most factor in properly controlling an area. Before the age of global interdependence, Europe was ruled by an absolute monarchy. A king and a queen had absolute power. As this era began, two forms of government emerged: the absolutist monarchies of France and Spain and the constitutional monarchies of England and the Netherlands. England and the Netherlands saw the majority of change; they went from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional form where there were some limitations to the power of the king. France and Spain; however, stayed mostly constant in that they retained an absolute monarchy. The emergence of these two governments probably occurred because of different preferences by people who were well established in the government.

Religious views dramatically changed in this time period. The Reformation started by Martin Luther and his 95 theses had the most dramatic effect on religion in Europe. The Protestant movement gained a lot of strength and eventually helped rid the Catholic Church of its corruption. Not only this, the challenge of the creation-supporting Ptolemaic universe was challenged by Nicholas Copernicus with his idea that Earth orbited the sun along with the other planets. The ideas put forth by the church were greatly challenged and even proven wrong this time period. This occurred because scientific advances allowed us to accurately observe our place in the universe....
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