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Changes and Continuities Essay

By briana09242011 Feb 05, 2012 259 Words
Changes and continuities essay

In the Period of 200 to 1450 BCE the Silk road was extremely important in connecting Eastern China to the empires of the West. The trade of spices and goods to and from Asia and Europe remained constant. Asian commodities were traded with European merchants along the road and vice versa. Asia’s economy, such as that of China specifically, remained heavily relative on the money from Silk Road trade.

200 BCE silk roads came to use. Luxury goods were traded between the Roman Empire and the Han dynasty. These roads were heavily used during the Golden age and the Pax Romana. The Silk roads were rived afterwards under the Islamic Umayyad and Abbasid Empire and the Tang and Song dynasties . A major source of cultural diffusion, invasions and war was not really apparent on the Silk Road in any large scale until the rise of the Mongols. The Mongols allowed existing cultures to remain. However when the Mongols conquered throughout Eurasia, eventually establishing an Empire, the result was a linking of cultures. The Mongols caused cultural and trading interactions along the Silk Road. Trade shaped the structure of most societies. Traders often became a distinct social group. Trade became a means of social mobility.

The Silk road was a major link between Eastern and Western Empires in the times period 600 to 1500 BCE. Muslim merchants dominated the Silk road. There were many changes in the Silk road however many things stayed the same. Religions, and technology were spread through the Silk Road.

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