Changes and Continuities During 1700 C.E to 1900 C.E

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Changes and Continuities During 1700 C.E to 1900 C.E
From the time period of 1700 C.E to 1900 C.E there were long distance migrations happening around the world. Nevertheless, a continuity was missionary activity throughout America and China, while some changes in long distance migration from that time period occurred as European, African, and Chinese laborers were sent to the Americas,

Long distance migrations were also established through missionary activity throughout Europe, China, and America. In the late 18th century, Spanish members established and operated missions in California, in hope to spread the Catholic faith to Native Americans, which they did successfully. Additionally, the missionary efforts in China by Jesuits were significantly important as they introduced their faith, but also Western knowledge including science and culture. Jesuits members were the most influential Christian missionaries in China. All in all, missionary activity remained continuous throughout this time period, causing people of faith to migrate in order to spread their faith.

There were many changes that caused long distance migrations to America, but the main cause was the increase of laborers needed. Most of the settlers from England to the New World (America) came as indentured servants since there was a large demand for workers needed in the colonies in order to build settlements, farms, and serve as tradesmen. So peasants in England were brought over by rich Americans and served as servants, but in the mid 1800's it declined sharply as it became outlawed. Such as America and Europe’s increase in labor for plantations or cheap labor brought African laborers through a harsh mean of transportation we call the Middle Passage. However, in the 19th century slavery was also outlawed in America (it was outlawed earlier in European countries). So since it was illegal to bring African slaves, those long distance migrations declined...
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