Change Proposal

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Change Proposal for Kudler Fine Foods Amani Browning
June 29, 2015
Christian Forscutt

Change Proposal
Organizations tend to have different departments or division in order to help accomplish the objectives that are set in place. This report will propose a change modification within the Sales Department at Kudler’s Fine Foods. The objective of this report is to acquire the approval to establish and perform a change management program in the sales department from upper management. There are four steps that will be illustrated here in the report to display the change. The steps include one why the need for change and how it’s important. Step two listing the four dimensions of change management and how they’re applied to the situation here at Kudler. Step three using project management’s approach and explain how the change is expected to be managed. The fourth step is ROI supporting the change proposal.

Step 1: Need for Change
In order to properly control change within the organization Kudler’s Fine Foods will need to implement a change management program. The purpose of the program is to ensure that all employees on every level within the organization adapt, understand, and accept all types of changes within the organization. In order for this to take place and obtain change this proposal requires the approval of upper management. The sales department here at Kudler’s Fine Foods has not been up to par or even efficient and this is why alterations need to be established. The organization is currently not satisfied with the productivity from Sales. There has been a lack of registering consumers in the wine appreciation classes, and has been a decreased in sales of wine and unique foods. Our goals in Management is to raise all levels of success in order to satisfy the company and upper management. We must show an improvement in sales. As a midlevel manager myself and team proposal consists of increasing employee training within the sales department. This training will ensure that employees in sales are acknowledging and understanding wine and unique food items. Within the change modification each employee is to be obligated in attending the proposed training classes. The second step of this will be composed of a reward system. That will be based off of quota, participation, and attendance. Our purpose of this program is to motivate and encourage the employees so that they can then turn around and encouraged the consumers to attend the classes and buy items.

Step 2: Four Dimensions
The four dimensions of change consist of the four C’s described in (Leban & Stone, 2008.), as coordination, proficiency, devotion and interaction. The basis of the four C’s is to ensure Key individuals effectively follow the steps with in the management program. These steps include, the leader must consider the factors of interacting with employees for the preparation on the modification, employees should prepare on acceptance of change, what are the resources that will be needed for the employee training, establishing a level of devotion needed, and what are the requirements of each employee in order to be successful. For change to be renounced leaders are going to have to meet with employees; to ensure they purpose of change. There should be an area where feedback is accepted from the employees, so if critiques to be made they will. There are many factors that are involved in accomplishing change. The two most important may be interaction and knowledge. They are important because employees don’t always know the root to change occurring. They’re just told do this and make work. In return employees become inadequate to change and success. Here at Kudler where appreciative to know that we have key individuals that are capable of inspiring others to accepting the changes within their department. The interaction with both key individuals and employees...

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