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The Change Pro Simulation - Participant Manual


WELCOME! Diving into the Simulation…

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The Mission

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Tactics, Networks and Tools

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The Change Pro Navigation Map

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Description of Tactics

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Tactics categorized

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About the Change Pro Simulation

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1. WELCOME! Diving into the Simulation…

You have been selected to be part of a small team of internal consultants sent by Head Office into a major division of our organization to help them implement Six Sigma, the latest
major change initiative the Executive Committee just
You have six months (120 working days) to ensure a smooth
change and implementation process.
Further details required to get you started immediately are
enclosed below. Division CEOs such as Martin Loder, who
report to Group Vice-Presidents, have all been informed of the Group's decision - although it is probably fair to say they were not actively consulted beforehand.
I trust you will rise to the challenge and hope you will enjoy the process.
Best wishes of success,
Martin Heldback
Group Chief Quality Officer

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2. The Mission
As mentioned in the letter above, your challenge is to deploy a corporate performance improvement initiative (in this case, Six Sigma, see details below) with the subsidiary of this global organization.

Your mission, as formulated by Headquarters, is to convince the subsidiary’s top management team to adopt and support Six Sigma (see Figure 1 below). Time is of the essence: you have six months to convince this top management team. Note:

The change effort could have involved the introduction of an ERP, of some quality program or of a new set of Corporate Values. The important point is that this is not a trivial change; it will have an impact on the managers' daily lives.

The division’s top management team consists of 24 managers, including the CEO and his Executive Assistant (also called “Chief of Staff” in other organizations). Members of the Executive Committee are presented in orange in figure 1 while the 18 directors reporting to the 4 VPs are presented in yellow.

Figure 1: Overview of the Change Pro Organization

About Six Sigma
At its most basic, Six Sigma is a comprehensive system aimed at improving processes by reducing their variability through the disciplined use of a variety of analytical tools and techniques. To compare it to other forms of performance improvement programs, Six Sigma could be described a cross between "hard core Total Quality Management", Customer Orientation and Process Management.

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3. Tactics, Networks and Tools
USER MANUAL / Chapter 3

(a) Tactics
Managers adopt the innovation (in this case, Six Sigma)
when they reach 100% interest. Before they do so, they will
go through three phases:
• awareness development (0-20%)
• interest-building (25-45%)
• evaluation (50-95%).
To help the managers go through these stages, you will be
able to draw on a series of organizational development tactics (see list to the right; or detailed description of each tactic on page 8).
Some tactics involve gathering information on the managers
(e.g., who joins whom to go the gym). Other tactics may let
you take direct action to try to convince one or more
managers to adopt Six Sigma.
To view the full list of tactics, click on TACTICS (the main view).
To activate a particular tactic, simply go through these steps: •

Select a Tactic:
Click on the desired tactic in the panel (e.g. External Speaker). The Simulation will emboss the selection and provide a summary of the tactic’s nature and time requirement (see "The Change Pro navigation map" on page 7 for details).

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