Change over Time Renaissance 500 C.E - 1650
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Change over time essay
Life changed between 500 C.E and 1650 C.E Because of the Middle ages and the crusades, the Renaissance and the humanistic art and literature and the Protestant Reformation and the splitting of the Catholic Church. Those three ages brought upon important historical events which we all know and study. The Middle Ages and the crusades where first and then came the Renaissance with humanistic art and then the Protestant Reformation and the splitting of the Catholic Church.
Middle Ages were one of the most destructive and important times in our history with the bubonic plague and the crusades. The bubonic plague was the cause of invading and unhealthy living when mice and small fleas from a town where transported on to boat with survivors and brought to Europe. It came into Europe because of Mongol invaders, and it killed over 100 million of the world’s population. The crusades began their “heavenly war” because of Pope urban urging the English and all his subjects to go out to war and recapture the holy land.
Around the 1400’s after all the crusades and plague had gone by, the kings work had been done so his subjects were at peace and feudalism was through, so the cultural movement of middle ages(salvation) was gone and was replaced by a new artistic movement called Humanism. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most fascinating people of the 14th century as he was not only an artist but an inventor, a scientist, an engineer and a botanist among other things, he would often praise the human intellect to achieve things( as was the theme for this time period). Galileo Galilei is also fascinating as he is the first scientist to say the earth revolves around the sun, thus “defying” the word of god, which no one in the time of the Middle Ages would do as they wanted and believed that they had to work to get to heaven and never blaspheme the word of god.

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