Change over Time Man's Impact on the Environment

Topics: Water, Agriculture, Panama Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Mankind had many impacts throughout history economically and socially. One significant impact that arose because of changing economic and social pleasures was the effect mankind had on the environment. Mankind’s impact on the environment changes from the Agricultural Revolution through the 19th century in that man destroys more of the environment as industrialization progresses. Industrialization of the environment started out small with One of the first changes is the improvement of roads throughout the lands. European businesses worked to facilitate manufacturing goods so new road designs were built and old ones were extended. The impact was that transportation of raw materials was made easier to get into the factories where they would be used to create products. This change occurred because the increased profits that would come from a faster production. Canals were also built in places where the land was able to be dug through to make a new body of water. The canals would make transportation of materials to other locations easier without having to unload cargo from ships to cross a land barrier. The impact was the ships could pass through land barriers thanks to the canals and transport their cargo in less time. This change occurred because of the need to transport important cargo from ships in less time. Another change to the environment was from the smoke that polluted the air that came from factories. Smoke would rise into the air funneled out from the factories that would produce fumes as byproducts from manufacturing. The impact it had on society was that people near factories or workers had to breathe in lesser quality air. This change occurred because of the manufacturing boom that led to the creation of factories and their large amounts of toxic byproducts. Chemicals also had a role in affecting the environment in their own way. Chemical byproducts from factories would be dumped into nearby bodies of water to serve as an easy way to dispose of waste....
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