Change over Time

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Islam, Europe Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: September 18, 2007
During the time period between 1000 and 1750, the impact that Islam had on Europe grew stronger, and the peoples of Islam became more integrated into European culture as well.
As the Muslim empire expanded into European territory, the economic impact that came as a result grew in power as well. For example, at first European economics were disrupted by the invasion of Muslims that came during the 14th and 15th centuries, leading to the Crusades. Due to the war effort against the threat of the Muslims, and the fact that the Muslims were also gaining European territory, European economic status lowered during this initial time period. However, during the early 17th century, Islam became a major factor in the growth of European economy, as it attained enough power to become a formidable competitor in the market; the Ottoman Empire was able to forge alliances and concessions in trade.

The political impact that the Muslims and Islam made on the Europeans also played a role in their countries. Since the Ottoman Empire was able to extend into European territory, their political system may have had some influence in Europe. The system was headed by a sultan, whose status rose far above the tribal rulers. It was a hereditary position, therefore only those in the royal lineage had any special influence on the subordinates. The palace of the king was also an important figure, because it served as an administrative center for the empire.

Islamic culture was also shared with the Europeans. The Muslims at the time were patrons of the arts, and cherished the design of pottery, jewelry, and calligraphy. Prayer halls in mosques were just one example, and still a standing example of the Islamic architecture of the 16th century. Textiles also flourished in the 16th century, with the cultivation of silkworms, and their distinctive rugs.
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