change of heart

Topics: Bird, Goose, Sign language Pages: 1 (512 words) Published: December 11, 2013

Did you know that animals and humans have lots of things alike? Kangaroos carry babies just like mothers carry their babies too. Tigers have to teach their babies how to hunt and humans have to teach their babies how to walk and talk. Birds have to break down their babies’ food, just like our mothers have to start feeding us little by little. Rifkin in his article “A Change of Heart about Animals” offers some compelling evidence that humans and animals share lots of things, but not all of his example are convincing. Just how humans use tools wisely Rifkin shows and explains how animals use tools, one of that is how birds can create their own tools and put them to use. Birds are very smart and very creative. They can make their nest almost out of anything they find. Birds’ main tool is their beak because it can be used for lots of different things, such as getting food from small places or materials for their nest. Rifkin shows an example of two crows that can make and use tools from that example you can see that humans aren’t the only ones who make and use tools.                                                                                                                Animals have to teach their babies lessons on life. Mothers have to teach their babies everything, just how geese have to teach their baby goslings their migration routes. Rifkin used all the examples he could to prove that he has a point. He used a study that started “creatures behave by their instincts and what appeared to be learned behavior was genetically wired activity.” He means that learning is passed from parent to children, so by that it explains how something has to be taught to someone in order to be done. For example if a parent doesn’t teach his/her children how to walk the child will struggle.                                                                                                                                                                             Rifkin wants his...
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